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Book of the Dead of Nakht Thebes, Egypt 1350-1300 BCE. Nakht was a royal scribe and overseer of the army in late 18th Dynasty. Sacred Blue Bennus - herons decorate the top symbolizing Osiris and Ra. Spell 110 addresses deities in the Field of Offering and the Field of Rushes of the afterworld. The deceased was expected to work in the Field of Rushes. British Museum. [Spell 88 is to transform the dead into the great Benu-bird is a symbol of renewal has been equated with the phoenix by some.]

telescopic contact lenses

Brain scans reveal ‘grey matter’ differences in media multitaskers


Simultaneously using mobile phones, laptops and other media devices could be changing the structure of our brains, according to new University of Sussex research.


A study published today (24 September) in PLOS ONE reveals that people who frequently use several media devices at the same…

Ola Billgren, Nattlig växt III [Nocturnal plant III], 1991.


Neocolonialism | The Looting of Africa  

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